Resignation Manifesto

The following texts outline the manifestos of the Resignation community, a group founded on the principles of efficiency and modesty, in opposition to the overwhelming geological, moral, and social impact of consumption.


Resignation Catalogue


Resignation Manifesto, 2020

The Resignation Manifesto is a response to the frustrating overconsumption which continues to defile Earth and human morality. The Manifesto identifies causes for massive overconsumption and outlines large scale social patterns that may build a more sustainable domestic future.

Consumer culture afflicts society and nature. Five hundred thousand Billy bookcases sold in less than two months in 2014. Three Ford F 150s are sold per minute. The United States offers two and a half billion square feet of private storage – over eight square feet per person. Consumers buy more stuff than they need.  The private storage of domestic detritus is a $32.7 billion industry.

Every individual human wants to look, sound, smell, and feel different from every other member of the species. Industry responds to this desire with an economy based around the consumption of a variety of goods. There are only about one hundred objects an individual really needs to survive, but millions of different products are available to purchase. Individuality is not necessary to survival or even happiness, but consumers are trained to believe the opposite. To be unique is to be happy. To be unique, one must look unique. To look unique, one must own objects that are different from other people, or similar to the objects owned by their unique group. This line of thought does not play out in the long term – people who own many unique objects are not necessarily more happy than people who own very few objects. Happiness does not lie in consumption. The home is the site of consumption, it’s the canvas and products are the medium.

Blue Storage Perspective

The home is no longer a place for consumption, the objects within a home must outlive their users. All unnecessary objects should be consolidated, dismantled, sorted, and turned into raw material. The massive trove of goods available in homes and self storage containers in the United States will fill collective material storehouses. Standard issue, simplified products will replace the ornaments of a personalized home. When standard objects break or wear down, they can be replaced with objects manufactured from the materials of resigned objects. Stone and plastic can be ground and melted to make composite blocks for construction. Wood and metal components can be reused. Thermoplastics can be melted and extruded into new forms.

Resign objects that are not truly necessary. A list of unnecessary objects can be found in the Resignation Catalogue. Strictly following the Catalogue mindset is the surefire path from consumption.
Blue Sorted

Resignation Movements Denominations:

Gatherer’s Addendum, 2030

The Gatherer’s early adoption of Resignation led to a healthy critical look at the long term effects of a Resigned lifestyle. The Resignation Movement encouraged the extended use of objects, until they wore away, and to replace destroyed products with new objects made out of resigned goods. However, replacement requires initial resignation, manufacturing, and transportation. The Gatherer’s find this paradoxical to the aims of Resignation. Rather than replacing worn down objects or parts with new objects or parts, the Gatherers use locally found objects. Why use a manufactured piece of wood, when a found branch will do the job just as well?

Y lamp

Supernative Charter, 2040

Following the destruction of international manufacturing networks and supply chains, the Supernatives will set out to collect synthetic materials from floating gyres, abandoned landfills, and wherever they may find useful polymer aggregates. As Resignation Warehouse resources deplete, Supernatives will passively collect a wealth of thermoplastics for recycling. The Supernatives will travel and live in a vehicle from the Earth Exploration Vanguard (EEV), a suite of adaptable, rugged corvettes for exploring various extreme environments.

Supernatives blue

The Augmenter’s Catalogue, 2050

As time passes, the user ages. The standard issue collection is ubiquitous, but the human body is not. An additional catalogue will be offered by the Augmenters to accommodate more body types and age groups. The Augmenter’s Catalogue offers hacksaws, cushions, epoxy, motorized wheels, etc. to let users shape their objects to fit their bodies comfortably. Like the Shakers, Augmenter furniture will be specific to one owner’s body and change over time to fit their needs.

Augment chair

Living Lifestyle Pact, 2050

The luxury craze of the early twenty first century ripples through time, creating aesthetic troughs and crests in the domestic landscape. Living Lifestyle Pact harkens back to previous booms in interior luxury, and aims to aid the workforce displaced by the Resignation. The Living Lifestyle uses standard issue Resignation components and freelance object actors to replicate the experiences of vintage domestic luxury.

Alarm clock

Re: LLP2050, 2051

The Resignation Denominations (Gatherers, Supernatives, Augmenters) openly oppose the negligence expressed by LLP2050, and encourage the Resignation community to uphold the founding values of efficiency and modesty over fleeting comfort and vanity.  

The Sorted, 2060

The Sorted embrace a thoroughly bricolage lifestyle, devoid of creation. Broadly speaking, nothing will be created in our communities, besides the original text of this statement. When a building deteriorates, the tenants must not rebuild with new materials. A replacement shelter can be fabricated from the rubble or object within the house. The Sorted are celibate in every way – we do not even replicate this document.



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