Cambridge Lecture Response

I agree with Damien when he said, “There are certain people that have very little presence and consideration in design education. Workers are entirely marginalized in practically every design program in the country.” The faculty and curriculum in Industrial Design are not teaching us to address these social issues, but rather unconsciously teaching us to continue to feed it. So much of design and projects students are working on in the ID department right now is discursive design, design or presentations meant to start a conversation. I think this is a start towards students/millennial taking notice of the environmental impacts of their work, but it isn’t enough, and I don’t think it’s the faculty or curriculum that is driving it. I think it is in many ways a response to the lack of effort to minimize our waste. In order for more students to make better and more informed projects, instead of creating solutions to problems that don’t exist, more of the curriculum needs to be aimed at addressing the environmental and social problems addressed by Damien. This illusion of permanence and path of self-destruction, the “ecologically uneven exchange and displacement of design”, seems to be an accepted reality, with talk of colonizing on mars as a completely reasonable discussion, while globalizing social housing seems ludicrous.


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