Response to A Circular Economy

Something that struck me about this lecture were the numerous mentions of cyclical cycles between design theories for different Futures and within the proposals themselves.  As Professor White noted, “We are in the midst of all futuring; constantly, persistently.”  While we consider the “present” to be our current state, we also use the time in our present to prepare for our future, however trivial or profound we consider that future to be.  In line with this continuity, the Bright Green theory of a circular economy is intriguing.  Since environmental issues truly span economic, social, and political platforms, it makes sense to develop an all-encompassing system for a Cradle to Cradle economy.  I would imagine this model could also be translated to meet the needs of political organization as well, such as a People to People democracy, that works in tandem with the Bright Green economy.  Overall, I think the most important understanding of our ecological future is that it is dependent on a cyclical, global effort to make a positive change.


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